Eminem Blasts UFC's Dana White for Questioning Fighters During 'Higher' Music Video

Saturday night, MMA fans tuned in to the UFC 257 pay-per-view to watch the rematch between Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor. However, another video featuring clips of fighters sparked some comments. Eminem dropped a new video for his song "Higher," which featured him talking trash to UFC president Dana White's face.

The black and white video featured Eminem in several settings. He pumped iron in the gym, rapped in the middle of a boxing ring, and took part in a fake SportsCenter segment with White. The host, Michael Eaves, talked about Eminem's history with various "battles" before asking White about the upcoming matchup. "Listen, I'm a huge fan of Eminem, but this is a tough one," the UFC president said. "This opponent is not someone you can prepare for. It's a tricky demon to conquer."

Eminem then joined the mock SportsCenter show to respond to White's criticism. He said that the UFC president gives him reasons to succeed before dropping the previously-leaked line. "The best part about your opinion is that it doesn’t matter," Eminem said. "And if every fighter that you had listened to your opinion when you doubted them, you wouldn’t have a f—ing league."

Eminem finished the fake segment by calling White an "a—hole" and then storming off the virtual set as the music kicked back in. The remainder of the video featured him taking part in a UFC-style press conference with a White lookalike holding court. Eminem's opponent sat on the other said of the podium with a hood obscuring his face.

Before UFC 257, former fighter Brendan Schaub tweeted out a brief clip that showed Eminem's comments. However, there was no reference to a music video. The fans responded by making comments about Eminem and White while asking why the rapper was on SportsCenter.


White actually faced questions about the viral clip during the lead-up to UFC 257 on Fight Island. The interviewer asked if something was going on, but he only gave a cryptic response. "Yeah, there's something going on," White said while chuckling. "You'll have to wait and see."

Once the video dropped, the comments on social media. People joked about the fake interview while trying to spot as many cameos as possible. Others wondered how Eminem got the approval to include footage of McGregor, Israel Adesanya and other fighters.