Courtney Love Pens Tribute to Kurt Cobain on 29th Anniversary of His Death

It has been 29 years since Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain died. In tribute to the rock icon, Hole founder Courtney Love — Cobain's widow — has penned a tribute to her last husband. On Instagram, Love marked the anniversary of Cobain's passing by posting a black and white photo of his hands that had been taken my R.E.M. singer Michael Stipe.

"I love beautiful hands, it's the first thing I look at in another," she wrote in the post's caption. "I love that the only photograph of Kurt that [Michael Stipe] took, despite being a lover of all sorts of beauty, kudzu, [Helena Christensen], River Pheonix; dozens if not 100s of gorgeous photos of people he finds and sees their 'Shen' (a Chinese word of what's in the eyes – loosely translated as 'mojo' but more about the 'twinkle') But Micheal saw these hands. These left handed beautiful hands like a votive/ a mudra, a shot this singular, powerful photograph of my twin flame."

Love continued, "It is one of the only images (or sounds/ tastes etc) that makes me miss him deeply. But he chanted with me & often, & truly was moved by our Buddhist practice. Thus, I know he's in an enlightened place, more so, than we here in mappo are. 'The arms of a 1000 Buddhas outstretched to greet you' the gosho says. Nam myoho renge kyo dear Kurt D. C." She then concluded, "i & we love & miss you." 

The post has received a number of comments, with one person replying, "His hands are so ancient and still so young. It's weird to look back at him from middle age versus being a star struck teenager. The adoration is there but shifted, softer, wiser, edge-less but nevertheless endless. Those hands carried so much weight and so much power for someone so young. Thank you for sharing this, I know it must be tough to share your grief with so many when so few knew him like you did and so few grieve as deeply as you do."

Cobain's body was discovered in his Seattle, Washington home on April 8, 1994. He had gone missing from Los Angeles several days prior. The coroner ruled that his cause of death was due to a self-inflicted gunshot wound on April 5. Cobain and Love had married just two years earlier, in 1992, and shared one child together: Frances Bean.