August Alsina Posts Bloody Photo to Prove Tory Lanez Attacked Him

Aside from Megan Thee Stallion, Canadian-born rapper Tory Lanez has another public figure accusing him of assault. This time, it's Alsina's Red Table Talk entanglement, August Alsina. The singer has shared some photos of him bloody and accusing Lanez of assault. Alsina alleges Tory Lanez and his crew stepped to him and subsequently attacked him. He shared the posts on Sunday, Sept. 18, which is said to have happened in Chicago. The highlights a picture that shows Alsina leaning up against an elevator wall with blood running down his mouth and appearing out of it. The singer claims the photo is evidence that he was beaten up on that day, and Lanez is the culprit.

According to Alsina, Lanez and members of his security team approached him as he was leaving a show, encircling him and threatening him. The singer says Lanez wanted to know why he hadn't given him props before. Alsina says the beef began with Lanez taking shots at him a couple of years back when he spoke on his situation with Jada. As a result, the singer assumed Lanez didn't like him and didn't feel it necessary to pretend they were on friendly terms. Things escalated from there. 

Lanes reportedly sucker punched him as Alsina seemingly wanted no parts of the scuffle. Alsina is claiming this was always an attack. He also alleges Lanez's crew has video evidence of the attack. Lanez insists Alsina's account is a lie. 

Lanez is also embattled in a trial in which he is accused of shooting Houston "Hottie" Megan Thee Stallion. The nature of their relationship has been debated, with rumors that things turned romantic and/or sexual. Stallion has denied it, as Lanez has hinted to it in his music since the incident in question. 


Either way, their court date has been pushed back. TMZ reports the new date will be either the end of Nov. 2022 or early Dec. 2022.