James Van Der Beek Claims There Have Been 'Very Serious Talks' About Updating 'Varsity Blues'

Fans of Varsity Blues will be excited to hear that the film's star James Van Der Beek says that there have been "very serious talks" about an update for the film.

Speaking to Yahoo, Van Der Beek opened up and said, "I really have thought about, 'Where is Mox today?' I've given a lot of thought about it."

He goes on to say, "Some meetings have taken place, with the people who actually made the movie."

Van Der Beek then revealed that CMT had plans to make a Varsity Blues TV series with someone who was "kinda" but "not really" associated with the film but that project "went away."

He confirms, "It's not gonna be a CMT series," and then said, "I met with the actual producer and we are talking actively about that world and modernizing it and 'Where is Mox now?'"

The actor also said, "I really wanna tell you what I have in mind but I don't think I can. It's fun though."

Next, Van Der Beek and the interviewer joked about the infamous "whipped cream bikini scene before talking about how the story for the Varsity Blues update could possibly be a "redemption story."


The original film came out in 1992 and starred Van Der Beek, along with Jon Voight, Paul Walker, Amy Smart, Ron Lester, Scott Caan, and Ali Larter.