'Twilight' Voted Worst Movie of All Time

Twilight has officially been voted the worst movie of all time, in new polls on Ranker and RiffTrax.

It seems like only yesterday that the sparkly vampire teen drama was all anyone could talk about. The Twilight novels scored popularity rarely seen in books these days, let alone young adult fiction. The movie adaptation took it even further, claiming dominance at the box office and launching some of the biggest careers in Hollywood today.

What nostalgia there is for Twilight did not make its way to Ranker's poll, where the movie got over 10,700 votes. As for the three sequels, they found places further down on the list at number 21, 27 and 36.

Meanwhile, on RiffTrax, a similar poll lumped the whole Twilight Saga in as one entry. The series still earned the number one spot as the "Worst Movie Ever," with a staggering 35,593 votes. That was far above the runner-up, Batman and Robin, which had just under 28,000 votes.

In spite of this recent consensus on its quality, Twilight is still riding high on its early success. The movie has decent scores on review aggregation sites like Rotten Tomatoes (49 percent) MetaCritic (56 percent) and IMDb, where it has a 5.2 out of 10 star score. For some, the movie is a nostalgia trip, though those viewers may be fondly remembering something they have not watched recently.

Of course, the Twilight series is no stranger to criticism either. From the books to the films, discerning audiences often claimed that the story had no character development, and leaned too heavily on its mystical elements. It also took lumps from both conservative and liberal action groups, as its central romance did not fit well with either.

In 2010, the American Library Association put Twilight on its Top Ten List of the Most Frequently Challenged Books. It cited outrage over "religious viewpoints" and "violence," as well as being "sexually explicit" and "unsuited" to its age group. The story was criticized for portraying a supernaturally vast age difference between romantic partners and for its treatment of Native American people and culture, as well.


Still, at the end of the day, the Internet's chosen "Worst Movie Ever" is still reverberating through the entertainment industry today. While Twilight may be hated, the internet loves Kristen Stewart more now than ever. The actress is one of the stars in next year's remake of Charlie's Angels. Meanwhile, Robert Pattinson is hard at work making huge critical successes such as High Life and Damsel.

With all that in mind, things seem to have worked out well for the so-called "Worst Movie Ever." Twilight is available on Amazon Instant Video, iTunes and other digital stores.