'Scream 5' Confirms Neve Campbell Will Reprise Role as Sidney Prescott

After months of speculation, it has now been confirmed: Neve Campbell will reprise her role as Sidney Prescott in Scream 5. According to Bloody Disgusting's John Squires, Campbell has officially signed on for the film, which will reunite her with fellow Scream cast members David Arquette and Courteney Cox. The iconic stars will also be joined by franchise newcomers Jack Quaid (The Boys), Jenna Ortega (You) and Melissa Barrera (In The Heights).

The film is being directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, of filmmaking group Radio Silence (Ready or Not). The Scream 5 script is being written by James Vanderbilt (Murder Mystery, Zodiac) and Guy Busick (Ready or Not, Castle Rock). At this time, the film is scheduled to be filmed in Wilmington, North Carolina. In a statement, Campbell said, "After spending time speaking with Radio Silence, they have shown such love, respect and admiration for Wes Craven and all that he's created in the Scream franchise. I am beyond excited to step back into the role of Sidney Prescott and return to Woodsboro."

Radio Silence issued a statement as well, expressing their excitement over Campbell agreeing to join the project. "We're pinching ourselves! It's hard to express how much the character Sidney Prescott shaped our love of movies and to have the chance to work with Neve is truly a dream come true. It just wouldn't be a Scream movie without Neve and we're so excited and honored to join her in Woodsboro."

There have been rumors that Campbell would return for the fifth Scream film, but nothing was official until now. "They've come to me, and we're having conversations," Campbell previously said, per Bloody Disgusting. "It's a little hard at the moment because of COVID to know when that'll happen, and hopefully, we can see eye to eye on all the elements that have to come into place for it to happen."


She then went on to explain how she "originally had been really apprehensive about doing another Scream without Wes [Craven]," the late iconic filmmaker who created the franchise "because he was such a genius." Campbell continued, "He is the reason they are what they are, but the directors have come to me with such a great appreciation for Wes's work, and they really want to honor it, and that meant a lot to me. Hopefully, we'll be able to do it." Scream 5 is currently set to be released on Jan. 14, 2022.