Paul Feig Addresses 'Bridesmaids' Sequel Hopes Ahead of Movie Watch-Along Benefiting Charity (Exclusive)

After almost 10 years, Bridesmaids continues to stand the test of time in the vernacular of pop culture as a female-driven comedy beaming with sincerity, raunchy gags and unfiltered pathos. Amid critical acclaim and several awards for its stars, the Kristen Wiig-led comedy has become a favorite among the masses. Still, with all the love, the 2011 blockbuster might not be getting a sequel anytime soon, according to the director, Paul Feig. In an exclusive with, the 58-year-old debonair filmmaker, known for wearing three-piece suits, revealed it would be a decision entirely made by its lead star, Kristen Wiig.

"I don't know — that would be totally up to Kristen," Feig told us in our series, PopCulture @ Home of the film written by the former Saturday Night Live alum and screenwriter, Annie Mumalo. "The funny thing though about a sequel to Bridesmaids — it seems like a no brainer because you go, 'Well, it's just like a crazy wedding.' But the reason again that movie worked is because Kristen's character was really going through this major crisis, and it was all about solving that crisis. So, you don't want to do a sequel and like, 'And she's in a crisis again.' But look, never say never, there's a lot of funny things we could do."

While the movie might not see hopes for a sequel fulfilled, Feig is inviting fans of the film to an online watch-along via Zoom celebrating the movie with those forced to postpone their wedding during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Looking to spill behind-the-scenes secrets over cocktails paying homage to the film, made with his artisanal Artingstall's Brilliant London Dry Gin, the 58-year-old Michigan native is not only excited for the free event but shares how special guests will also be attending the benefit for Family Promise.

"It's going to be a lot of fun. Basically, you sign up for free. There's no cost — but for everybody who signs up, we do give a dollar to Family Promise," he said of the organization helping families currently experiencing homelessness, an issue spiking during the pandemic. The self-described "gin fanatic," who has also been inventing drinks all spring and summer-long for his Instagram series Quarantine Cocktail Time in support of multiple charities, admitted "there's always causes that need help" due to ongoing injustices and conflicts in the world. "Any little thing that we can do to help, that's the goal," he said of his love of giving back.

Feig further shares how fans and viewers of the Bridesmaids watch-along can also get a discount on his gin so that they can make the cocktail items along with him. "I've invented three drinks for [the watch-along]," he said. "But basically, what we're going to do — it's going to be on Zoom, so you'll sign in, I'll be there, and we'll talk upfront. And then whatever device you have Bridesmaids on, at the same time we'll all say, 'And start the film,' and so we'll watch it that way."

Humbled by the reception of the film from fans far and wide, Feig calls the "relatable story" starring the likes of Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Melissa McCarthy and Rose Byrne "the little film that just kept going" after nine years. "It's what you dream of when you make movies but you never even dare think it could happen because there's so much stuff out there," he said. "But it's just been one of these movies that's just resonated with people — and the greatest thing for me is when somebody comes up and says, 'I've watched that movie 10, 20 times, it's what I go to when I'm sad or I want to cheer up.' And that's why we do comedy. We don't do comedy to win awards and all that stuff. We want to be the thing you go to, to make yourself feel better."

Save the date! You are cordially invited to the Bridesmaids watch-along on Sept. 24 at 5 p.m. PT/8 p.m. ET via Zoom at Artingstall's Gin. For those whose plans for their Big Day were altered due to COVID-19, Feig is inviting brides, bridesmaids, grooms and all fans to come together and join in on some much-needed laughs during the virtual screening of the blockbuster comedy. For everyone who signs up, Artingstall's will donate $1 to Family Promise, an organization working to actively aid families affected by homelessness during the pandemic.


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