Netflix's 'Matilda' Musical Movie Casts Lashana Lynch as Miss Honey

Matilda fans will be excited to know that their favorite 90s classic is coming to life again via Netflix in musical form. Matilda the Musical, based on Ronald Dahl's children's novel, will be brought to fruition and fans are eager to start learning who the cast members will be. One of the names set to be part of the cast was announced and Captain Marvel star Lashana Lynch will likely play the famous role of Miss Honey.

Miss Honey played the favored teacher to Matilda and her classmates and the woman who encouraged the 5-year-old to reach for the stars. In the 1996 film, Embeth Davidtz played the teacher, but fans are thrilled to know someone new will be filling those shoes. Since everything is still in the beginning stages, there isn't much news on who else will be part of the cast except one other Hollywood name. According to Cosmopolitan, Maid in Manhattan star Ralph Fiennes is set to star as the scary principal Miss Trunchbull. Miss Trunchbull is the feared principle that doesn't hesitate to show her hate for young children. She's also the aunt to Miss Honey.

As for Matilda, she is the young girl who develops powers to move things with her mind and uses it to defend herself against her parents and help keep her classmates safe against Miss Trunchbull. In the original film, she played the daughter of Danny Devito's character, Mr. Wormwood. Matilda's parents encouraged their young daughter to soak up most of her time watching television and shunned the idea of focusing on school. However, the young girl was brilliant and found a way to higher her education despite her parents' disapproval.

A few who were part of the live production will also be stepping in for the new movie. Mathew Warchus was the director of the stage musical and will also be the director of the film. Per The Hollywood Reporter, the original playwright Dennis Kelly will also be working on the new movie and will adapt the screenplay with original music and lyrics by Tim Minchin.

Netflix has teamed up with Sony's TriStar Pictures — which made the original film — to push the movie out, but Netflix will be handling the worldwide distribution. The popular streaming platform will also handle an exclusive theatrical release in the U.K. There is no release day as of yet due to a delay as a result of the pandemic.