Mary J. Blige Makes Heartbreaking Confession in New Documentary

Mary J. Blige reveals in a trailer for her new documentary Mary J. Blige: My Life that she was actually in an extremely sad place while making her arguably her most iconic album, saying that she was "depressed and didn't want to live." The Amazon Prime film will follow the R&B singer's career from her rise to fame and the making of the 1994 album.

"'My Life' is probably my darkest album at one of the darkest times I've had," she said. "Most of the time I was just depressed and didn't want to live. I had it all inside and I was able to sing it and write it, and I didn't know that so many people felt the same way." She names music as her savior during that difficult point in her life. "The only thing, I think, that kept us guided was the music. It just saved you. In the neighborhood we lived in, it's like prison. There was a lot wrong, and it was a lot. I needed to get out. That's why I had that pen."

Sean "Diddy" Combs, who also serves as co-executive producer alongside the songstress, appears in the documentary with Alicia Keys, Taraji P. Henson, and others. Quincy Jones is named as the executive music producer on the doc. Blige, now 50 years old, first started in music in 1991 as part of Uptown Records where she worked under the late Andre Harrell.

She went on to release 13 albums and has worked with artists like Elton John, George Michael, Nas and A$AP Rocky. Though, her artistry expands outside of music. The nine-time Grammy winner has become a renowned actress starring in Umbrella Academy, Betty and Coretta, and Respect. She also earned two Oscar nominations for her turn in Netflix's Mudbound.


Blige will portray singer Dinah Washington in the upcoming Aretha Franklin biopic. "I think Dinah loved Aretha," Blige says of the pair's relationship. "She was a mentor and a family friend and someone that was really really real and honest instead of the yes men that were kissing her ass most of the time.... But it was a tough love, and the reason I know that..." Blige then laughs, "Is because Aretha and them, they did that to us! They were tough with it. We didn't know if they liked us or not."The documentary will arrive on Amazon Prime on June 25.