'Lethal Weapon 5' With Original Cast, Director in the Works

A fifth entry in the Lethal Weapon franchise is in development, and the original stars and director are said to be on board.

Deadline reports that Lethal Weapon 5 is being "explored" at Warner Bros. with Richard Donner back to direct and Mel Gibson and Danny Glover returning to star. Channing Gibson, the writer behind Lethal Weapon 4, would pen the script.

The report claims "there are many moving parts," so it could be a while before plans are concrete.

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The project would be produced at Warner Bros., who produced all four previous entries to the franchise.

There have been rumblings of a fifth Lethal Weapon film over the years, but nothing as concrete as this report. There was talk of a Chris Hemsworth-led reboot, but that plan was scrapped when the property was taken to TV.

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The TV adaptation of the franchise in currently in the midst of its second season on FOX, but has not yet been renewed for a third.

Original writer Shane Black is not mentioned to be involved in this rumored installment. He had previously co-written a 62-page treatment for a fifth Lethal Weapon, but it was never produced.