Kristin Davis Responds to Negative Tweets About Her Netflix Film 'Deadly Illusions'

Kristin Davis stars in the new Netflix movie Deadly Illusions, and while it may not be going over [...]

Kristin Davis stars in the new Netflix movie Deadly Illusions, and while it may not be going over well with some of Davis' Sex and the City fans, the star is still giving a polite response to her critics. Greer Grammer and Dermot Mulroney star alongside Davis in the film in which the 56-year-old actress plays a bestselling author/mom Mary whose busy schedule puts her on the hunt for a nanny. Once she finds one in a young girl named Grace (Grammer), Mary and her husband Tom (Mulroney) suddenly find themselves in a twisting and suspenseful thriller after realizing the sweet and innocent babysitter has some deadly secrets lying under the surface.

For starters, Grace reveals her alter-ego Margaret, whose motives to seduce Mary and her husband result in numerous wild sex scenes and intimate moments –– something Charlotte Goldblatt fans were probably never expecting.

"I think only the erotica writing community will appreciate this movie … I swear no one else will like it lol it's ok tho. We still [heart] you," one of Davis' fans said of the new flick. Davis responded with love back saying, "Well thank you. It is a bizarre experience …" Other fans weren't so nice regarding their reviews. "Last night I watched the worst film I've ever seen on Netflix but it was all worth it for a scene where Kristin Davis said 'I love this song!!' and played Joey by Concrete Blonde for like 2 full minutes," someone else said on Twitter. To which, Davis commented back with the tears of joy emoji.

Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals in Scotland also sent a message to Davis. Tagging Netflix UK in the tweet, CLIPS told the streamer "We need to talk about Deadly Illusions! We love a twisty thriller as much as any chartered institute of librarians, but a plot hinging on one of us disclosing a private borrowing record?" the organization tweeted on March 22. "We'd NEVER do such a thing – not even when begged by the beautiful Kristin Davis!"

"Of course you wouldn't!" Davis said in response. "Also I didn't write the script," she said with the winking emoji. Following the movie's premiere on Netflix, Davis shared a photo of her and castmembers Shanola Hampton and Mulroney. "Thanks for watching," she said in the caption. "To Everyone Here: I love you guys! Your support means everything."