Kate Winslet and Stephen Colbert Recreate 'Titanic' Ending

On the heels of the 20th anniversary of Titanic, actress Kate Winslet appeared on The Late Show to recreate one iconic scene from the movie about the doomed ship.

It's been long speculated that Jack very likely could have survived if Rose had just made room on the door for him instead allowing him to remain in freezing waters of the Arctic Ocean. And host Stephen Colbert challenged Winslet on her character's actions, stating "In the famous line you say, 'I'll never let you go, Jack.' But you do!"

"I agree. I lie. I fully lie. I hold my hand up and I let him go," Winslet conceded. "Plus, he should have just tried harder to get on that door."

Colbert gave Rose a chance to redeem herself, though, recreating the iconic and questionable scene with the 42-year-old actress. Colbert's desk stood in placement of the door, and Winslet briefly reprised her 1997 role as the talk show host took on the role of Jack.

"Promise me…you'll let me get up on that door with you," Colbert pleaded."


"Come on darling! There's room for two," Winslet shouted, making room for Colbert to awkwardly climb up beside her, rightfully fixing the scene that was wronged all those years ago.

Winslet also used her time on the talk show to give the audience and fans some fun and never-before-known facts about the movie. The actress admitted that she never listens to the Titanic theme song "My Heart Will Go On" and that she developed hypothermia filming the water scenes. She also revealed that James Cameron had been the one to sketch the nude picture of her, though she wore a bathing suit when he did it.