Exclusive: 'Jackass' and 'Action Point' Star Johnny Knoxville Reveals His Most Brutal Injury

Johnny Knoxville, who has made a career out of bruises and broken bones, revealed exclusively to PopCulture.com the most brutal injury he ever suffered.

The former Jackass star was speaking with PopCulture.com's Brandon Davis about his new movie, Action Point, when he opened up about "the worst" of his "entire career."

Knoxville explained that he once broke a bone in his face that subsequently caused his eye to "pop out" of his head. "That was pretty traumatizing," he continued.

He also joked that he "broke" his "penis once," adding: "That was pretty bad.

"I have fun, but I think I've used up a lot of my nine lives."

Additionally, when asked if the line ever "blurs" between an outlandish stunt and regular acting, Knoxville jokingly explained that "all the stunts are real" in Action Point, before confirming, "This is a scripted movie so, you know 'cut' means 'cut.'"

Action Point is a comedy film "based on a theme park in New Jersey called Action Park, which was notorious for poorly designed, unsafe rides; in addition to employing under-aged, under-trained, and often under-the-influence staff."

Knoxville plays D.C., the "crackpot owner," who finds his park threatened by the arrival of a new nearby "mega-park."

The film also co-stars his former Jackass cast-mate Chris Pontius — playing a lifeguard — who Knoxville says "steals the movie," adding that he is "as entertaining off-screen as he is on-screen."

As for what fans should "look forward to" in Action Point, Knoxville said: "The action, the stunts, and the wonderful cast, and Chris Pontious as the lifeguard."

While the film is scripted, Knoxville said it showcases real stunts, similar to the 2013 film Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa. Defying expectations, that movie hauled in more than $150 million on a budget of $15 million, and was Oscar-nominated for Best Makeup and Hairstyling at the 86th Academy Awards.

Jackass debuted on MTV in October 2000 and took the TV world by storm. The exploits of Knoxville and the rest of the cast were documented in clever and creative ways while remaining fairly resourceful, and that simplicity was one of the big draws.


Eventually, the series gained enough of a following that Knoxville and his crew were given a bigger budget which they used to make three outlandish major movies. The third and final Jackass film debuted in theaters in October 2010.

Photo Credit: Action Point / IMDB