James Bond Fan Film Edits Every Bond Actor Into One Movie

An experiment in movie editing led a group of die-hard James Bond fans to create an all-new story, containing every bond to grace the screen in one big supercut.

The new unofficial addition in the Bond lore, titled Die Spy Kill Kill, was created by an anonymous group of fans and enthusiasts who have identified themselves as Team Spyral. They explain how they decided to create this Frankenstein monster of a movie which not only features every Bond from Sean Connery to Daniel Craig, but pits them against one another.

On the project's website, the creators wrote an explanation:

"What began as a tiny editing experiment blossomed over two years into a full scale editing project to bring our love of the film series to life as never before on this scale: a full-length film of James Bond Battle Royale.

"This affectionate parody takes all six Bonds and gives them a mission to do, but waiting around every corner is a rival Bond ready to take them down. As you'd expect- battles, backstabbing and bond one-liners abound as all the Bonds constantly run into each other as they traverse the globe. Only one will emerge as the winner."

The project is a huge accomplishment not just for Bond fans, but for film enthusiasts in general. An editing project of this magnitude is no small feat, and creating a cohesive story out of scenes that were shot 50 years apart is something to marvel at.

"The goal of this project was to see if such an editing job was even possible," the intrepid editors wrote. "Films have changed a lot since 1962; would a brawl on a train work on screen if the scenes used were 48 years apart? You'll be the judge. We just want to spread the magic of the Bond films old and new to a wider audience. Who knows, maybe there are new fans out there waiting to discover the series?"

They confessed that there were some "unavoidable" inconsistencies to their mismatched movie.

"Certain liberties have been taken with unavoidable continuity errors such as clothing and geography, but in the interests of seeing your favourite Bond travel the world and showing up his rivals, we're sure you can all see beyond that."

Obviously that's one of the biggest drawbacks of making a movie entirely by editing, with no original filming whatsoever. Still, the creators claim that the strength of their new movie is in the meticulous attention to story.

"Great care has been taken to give the film enough context for those who haven't seen the films. Having the same actor brief multiple Bonds may seem a bit jarring, but who knows — perhaps it's an MI6 conspiracy or something. It's all part of the fun."


Team Spyral also noted that they were inspired by a similar project, which edited all three of Peter Jackson's Hobbit movies into one.

Die Spy Kill Kill is available to stream and download online, though it may come and go from various sources if the copyright holders take issue with it.