'Frozen' Fans Slam Neil DeGrasse Tyson After He Mocks Series for Inaccuracies

Astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson decided to watch movies Thursday night, and the result was more tweets that sucked the fun out of fictional movies. Tyson pointed out the inaccuracies in Frozen, an animated film with no footing in reality whatsoever, and plenty of fans had things to say about it. He also sent out a tweet renaming Marriage Story that also angered movie lovers.

"Not that anybody asked, but if Elsa from Frozen has a Human-sized Head then she has Horse-sized Eyeballs — occupying 4x the normal volume within her cranium," Tyson said in his first tweet about the beloved animated hit. "I'm just sayin.'"

"In Frozen (2013) the Ice Harvesters in the opening scene pulled cubes from the water that floated as they should, with about 10% above the surface and 90% below. Just as in Icebergs," Tyson continued.

In another tweet, he actually praised the film's depiction of nighttime skies.

"Even though [Disney Studios'] Frozen features talking snowmen and enchanted rolly-polly rocks, the Aurorae were authentically represented in the Nordic nighttime skies," he wrote.

Tyson's Twitter account was flooded with comments from Frozen fans who were particularly annoyed about him bashing the stylized look of Elsa in the film.

This is not the first time Tyson has tweeted about Frozen. Back in July 2019, when Disney released the teaser poster for Frozen II, he criticized the snowflake design.

"Dear [Disney], You got it right the first time. Water crystals have hexagonal 'six-fold' symmetry," he wrote. "You still have a few months to fix your [Frozen II] Movie Poster, unless the sequel takes place in another universe, where water crystalizes to different laws of physics."

Also on Friday, Tyson found another way to grind movie lovers' gears. He tweeted the poster for Noah Baumbach's acclaimed Netflix movie Marriage Story. "The film A Marriage Story (2019) should instead have been named A Divorce Story," he tweeted.

While Tyson has some qualms about Frozen and Frozen II, many moviegoers don't. The first film made $1.28 billion worldwide and won Oscars for Best Animated Feature Film and Best Original Song for "Let It Go." Frozen II grossed $1.44 billion and was nominated for the Best Original Song Oscar for "Into the Unknown."


Photo credit: Getty Images