‘Extraction’: Netflix Facing Backlash Over How Chris Hemsworth’s New Movie Looks

Chris Hemsworth's new Netflix film Extraction is facing backlash from some of its viewers. The action thriller tells the story of a black ops mercenary who sets out to rescue a drug lord's kidnapped son. The film takes place in India and some of the movie's viewers feel that the color of certain scenes is an assumption of how "third world countries" look day-to-day.

One Twitter user commented on a video piece released by the streaming platform that shows side-by-side video of how they shot a few of the scenes versus the final product. On top, shows a visual of what the crew saw and how the atmosphere really looked, whereas the bottom video shows how it was edited. "What's their obsession with always making "third world countries" look yellow as f—" one social media user wrote.

One person replied with, "I have no idea what this movie is about but I have a strong feeling its one of those movies that makes Americans the heroes who just want to do good and every body else is bad af." Another commenter wrote, "I found a quora where someone was like 'we make the movies set in the desert more yellow to convey the warmth of the climate' ... ." One person admitted that this isn't something they've ever really thought about, saying, "This is crazy and something I've never really thought about... maybe it's to make it seem more 'third world like' whatever that means, doesn't make sense to me, but colors in movies probably have a way of making people see different countries in different ways the mind is crazy." Spoilers lie ahead for Extraction.


Extraction was written by Joe Russo and directed by Sam Hargrave, with its lead character, Tyler Rake, played by Chris Hemsworth. But will there be a sequel? Possibly, only based on how it ended. The way the film comes to a close is with Rake finally getting the kid to safety but then gets shot in the neck — after already being shot a few times before — and falls off of a bridge into water, leading the viewers to believe he died. But in the final moments of the almost two-hour movie, the kid is seen swimming in a pool at school with a blurred shot of a man, who looks like it could be Rake, in the background. While the film was highly criticized, it was equally praised.