President Trump Doesn't Get Buzz Aldrin's 'Toy Story' Joke

During a recent press conference in which Donald Trump signed an executive order to revive the National Space Council, Buzz Aldrin made a reference to Toy Story that Trump completely misunderstood, resulting in an awkward explanation about what "infinity" is. The interaction begins around the 10-minute mark in the video below.

Aldrin, who was the second man to step foot on the moon, made the comment, "Infinity and beyond."

With Trump clearly missing not only the reference to Toy Story but also what the meaning of "infinity" could have been in this context, he went on to reply, "This is infinity here. It could be infinity. We don't really don't know. But it could be. It has to be something, but it could be infinity, right?"

When someone makes a joke that you don't understand, people typically respond in one of two ways; you admit that you don't understand the reference, appearing to be less knowledgeable than the person who made the joke, or you just chuckle anyway, hoping no one inquires any further about why you thought the joke was funny.

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In the case of the former host of The Apprentice, he didn't attempt to change the subject, but seemingly interpreted "infinity" to mean "space" or "the unknown," but even in that context, his remarks are bizarre, to say the least.

As you can see in the video above, Aldrin has a hard time keeping his level of perplexion off of his face, growing more confused and possibly irritated with Trump's comments about space exploration.

The executive order will resurrect a council that helped guide the moon missions in the '60s but went dormant in the '90s. Interestingly, the '90s also gave us Toy Story and Buzz Lightyear's famous catchphrase, which has gone on to be one of the most famous in pop culture.

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One of the goals of the executive order is to create a program for deep space exploration, hoping to get astronauts as far as Mars at some point in the future.


This was only one event over the weekend in which social media caught fire, as Trump also posted a GIF from one of his WrestleMania appearances where he attacked Vince McMahon, but had the CNN logo placed over McMahon's face.

Some Twitter users thought the post was a light-hearted joke, while others that it was a gross misuse of time and energy. Between his GIFs and comments about "infinity," Trump once again dominated social media over the weekend.