Corey Feldman Reveals He Wrote 'Goonies 2' Pitch With Co-Star Sean Astin

Corey Feldman has revealed new details about the long-rumored Goonies 2, saying that he co-wrote the original pitch for the movie. Feldman, who co-starred in original as Mouth, spoke to reporters at an event in Los Angeles this week where he reminisced on how badly he had wanted the sequel to happen.

"Sean Astin and I actually wrote a pitch, a treatment of about 10 pages that we took into [director] Richard Donner and a representative of [screenwriter] Chris Columbus and Steven [Spielberg]," Feldman told Us Weekly at a Discovery Channel event.

Rumors of a Goonies 2 treatment and even a script have long circulated in Hollywood. The project is fun to theorize about, although at this point it is unlikely to come to fruition. Feldman himself said that "we can't get everyone to agree on" a single idea.

"I'd say the chances of it happening at this point are very slim, as Richard Donner is like 80-something years old now," he remarked. "It's not quite like the old days where he's able to fire off a movie here every few years... I know he's got it in him. He's still got a lot of energy. He's moving around. He's good."

As for the possibility of a different cast, Feldman said he is personally not a big fan of the idea of a remake or a reboot. For Feldman, even if a sequel were to be made now, he would want to see the original cast in their roles.

"I'm a fan of the actual sequel, not of finding a new cast and doing it over," he said.

The cast of The Goonies have all given statements on the possibility of a sequel over the years, even as their careers blossomed into other massive roles. Back in April, Astin told Collider that the idea had pretty much passed its expiration date.

"I think we've probably passed the threshold for which all of us original cast members are right for doing a sequel," he said.

Astin did not comment on his alleged pitch co-written with Feldman. In 2013, DC Comics writer and executive Geoff Johns spoke to Kevin Smith about his past as Donner's personal assistant on an episode of his Fatman on Batman podcast. At the time, Johns alluded to the existence of Goonies 2 material in Donner's possession.

The Goonies came out in 1985, and inspired a whole generation of would-be adventurers. In many ways, it is one of the most important inspirations for modern day nostalgia trips like Stranger Things.


The Goonies is available on platforms like Amazon Prime Video and YouTube Movies.