'Clueless' Star Alicia Silverstone Recreates Iconic Scene in Adorable Fashion

There are few movie lines as iconic as Alicia Silverstone's annoyed 'As if!' from the classic [...]

There are few movie lines as iconic as Alicia Silverstone's annoyed "As if!" from the classic movie, Clueless. As the California teen Cher Horowitz, Silverstone turned the stereotypical mean girl trope on its head and created a charming character that changed the cultural landscape. In her TikTok introduction, Silverstone tapped into some potent nostalgia by recreating the scene with her 10-year-old son, Bear.

In the video, Silverstone dons a yellow plaid blazer similar to the one she wears in the original scene, with Bear standing in as the pushy high schooler she pushes out of the way in the movie. However, in the sweet TikTok, she lovingly embraces her son after the shove. The video was an instant hit, gaining 5.5 million likes in less than a day and earning Silverstone over a million followers on TikTok. She also shared it to Instagram, writing, "I guess I'm on TikTok now."

Clueless turned 25 in 2020, and Silverstone spoke to Vogue about the teen comedy's lasting legacy. "I found Cher on the page to be materialistic and unappealing. And really annoying, to be honest," Silverstone explained. "But I realized that was just me judging her. Once I started working on her I found all the heart and all the love." She also expressed a deep joy that the film was so beloved over the years. "I'm always amazed at the longevity of Clueless," she gushed. "It's incredible that so many people love this film and not only continue to love it but continue to rediscover it. I'm sure I don't look the same but little kids will still come up to me asking Are you Cher? And I mean little little, you know? How cute is it that they've discovered Clueless because their parents are showing it to them? So many moms who were my age when it came out are so excited to show it to their sons and daughters now."

"I think people identify with Cher's heart and her willingness to change and grow because of how silly she was," Silverstone concluded. "She was trying hard to evolve because of her sweet Josh. I don't know how to explain why or what made Clueless what it was, but I know it happened and I know that people continue to love it. And it never gets old, so that's the good news. People always say Oh you must be so sick of it. But what's there to be sick of? People liking the movie you're in? It truly doesn't get better."