Actress Wyn Reed Charged With Murder One Day After Wrapping Starring Horror Film Role

The lead actress of an independent horror movie was charged with murder the day after production was completed. The actress, credited as Wyn Reed, was accused of shooting and killing her uncle in Oregon in 2016, and made the film From the Dark while she was out on bail. Producers of the film are now struggling with what to do next, especially as the film's plot is eerily similar to the circumstances behind her murder charges.

Reed, whose real name is Aisling Tucker Moore-Reed, allegedly recorded herself shooting and killing her maternal uncle, Shane Patrick Moore, in 2016 and claimed self-defense, reports the Mail Tribune. She was originally charged with manslaughter and made the film while out on bail. In September 2018, Moore was arrested again and charged with murder. She was re-arrested after production on From the Dark wrapped.

In an update on the film's Indiegogo page, producers said they had no idea about Reed's past. Since it was a "micro-budget" production, they did not run background checks.

"We met her in March of last year when she came to audition for our film," the statement read. "We had absolutely no idea about who she was or her circumstances. Our circles never overlapped as our theater and film experience was solely in Grants Pass and hers in Medford."

The producers continued, "When it did come to our attention, we didn't know what to do, so we simply continued post-production and hoped for the best. We certainly don't want to jump to conclusions as the trial has not yet begun, and until the trial is over, she is innocent until proven guilty. We don't want to harm her, her case, or our reputations as filmmakers over something we honestly did not know."

Reed was re-arrested after authorities discovered a video allegedly showing the shooting of Shane Reed. Prosecutors obtained the phone during the initial investigation, but finally unlocked it to find the video just before Reed was charged with murder.

Reed played Valerie in From the Dark, which shows her character shooting and killing another character.

"The lead character knows they're in trouble, and she just nailed the right level of fear," one person linked to the film told CBS Los Angeles.

Another person connected to the film told the outlet, "There's a key scene where she shoots somebody in a similar fashion."

Reed's mother, former California lawyer Kelly Moore, has said in the past that Reed lived in fear of Shane Reed and had a restraining order. According to the Mail Tribune, Moore and Shane Reed were in a dispute over their mother's property, which Moore wanted to sell, but Shane Reed did not.

Moore told the Washington Post that her daughter's legal team provided prosecutors with the video because they thought it would support their claim of self-defense.

"My daughter didn't do anything wrong," Moore told the Post. "I was there, and she did not do anything wrong."

"Mr. Moore was barely even in the door when he was shot, and he was shot in the chest, and it was pretty close range," Jackson County Circuit Court Judge Lisa Greif said in a January 2019 court hearing, explaining why she did not set bond for Reed. "She was angry that he wasn't dead. And to me, that says that kind of nailed down the evidence for me."


The trial was supposed to start in the first week of December, but Reed's defense lawyer asked for more time for an investigation. Her next court appearance is set for Dec. 9.

Photo credit: Siskiyou Productions