10 Best Demonic Horror Movies

Annabelle: Creation is hitting theaters this week and it is the fourth film set in “The Conjuring Universe,” as well as the second, direct spin-off to come from The Conjuring. It is also, once again, showcasing the demented doll currently safeguarded at Ed and Lorraine Warren’s Occult Museum in Monroe (CT), Annabelle.

If early reviews are any indication -- it’s currently sitting on Rotten Tomatoes with an 82% -- Annabelle: Creation is going to be a far superior sequel compared to that of it’s predecessor Annabelle, which earned a paltry 29% score in 2014.

Seeing as how very few things excite more than a good new horror movie (keyword: good), PopCulture.com decided to go through the vast scary movie collection to compile the 10 Best Demonic Horror Movies!

Obviously this excludes horror movies with elements such as ghosts, monsters, slashers, etc, instead focusing solely on movies where evil entities take control over innocent human beings. Take our No. 3 pick, for example: The Evil Dead, the B-cult classic directed by Sam Raimi.

While the sequels were far campier than their predecessor, the original was a terrifying exercise in low-budget horror, and like all of the movies on this list, dealt with demonic possession thanks to an ancient book called the Necronomicon, said to be “inked in human blood and bound by human flesh.” Note to self - NEVER read out of a book inked in human blood.

The Evil Dead was made in 1981 on a shoestring budget of $350,000 and would go on to earn over $2.5-million at the box office, all the while earning the praise of horror icon Stephen King and inspiring future filmmakers like the Coen brothers.


The role of Ash turned Bruce Campbell into a B-Movie Icon and The Evil Dead launched a franchise that included two sequels, a reboot, and a television show.

So what’s your favorite horror movie dealing with demonic possession? Think it made the top spot? Watch the video above to find out and make sure you check out Annabelle: Creation in theaters now!