This Massive Glass Bridge In China Is A Scary Sight To Behold

The world's longest and highest glass-bottomed bridge has opened in the incredible Zhangjiajie mountains. The structure is 1400 feet long and spans across a valley that is nearly 1000 feet below.

The breathtaking glass-bottomed bridge connects two cliffs in the mountains known in China as the Avatar mountains, as the area was the inspiration for James Cameron's box office smash movie. Also, several scenes from the film were actually shot there in the Hunan province.

(Photo: 20th Century Fox / "Avatar")

The 6-meters-wide bridge cost $3.4 million to construct, and has been paved with 99 panes of three-layered transparent glass, according to BBC. Israeli architect, Haim Dotan, designed the impressive structure and has already set world records for the architecture and construction.

Naturally one might wonder, how safe is this new bridge? In order to reassure the public that they will be safe, officials have sent in people with sledgehammers trying to break the glass and earlier this year they have even driven a car filled with passengers across it.

(Photo: Twitter / @true_pundit)

The park officials at the new bridge have stated that 8,000 visitors will be allowed on the bridge each day, so if you are planning on visiting this crazy glass-bottomed bridge, you will probably need to book in advance.


Would you be brave enough to walk across this scary 1000-ft. glass-bottomed bridge in the Zhangjiajie mountains in China?