This Deer Thinks He's A Dog, Drinks Out Of A Bowl And Has A Bed

"He's just like a dog or a spoiled child," owner Geoff Grewcock stated about his pet stag, Bramble. The domesticated deer behaves more like a dog as it will regularly come into the house to undo the door to the fridge, open the doors to the cupboards, and take all the food out.

Grewcock called Bramble "right mischievous" but in a "marvelous" kind of way. He enjoys nothing more than curling up on people's laps, and drinking from the toilet. Bramble also demands to be served his food out of a dog bowl. Grewcock believes that his pet stag behaves more like a canine after being reared around four dogs at his home including a Jack Russell, a Lakeland Terrier, a Yorkshire Terrier and a Yorkshire Terrier crossed with a Bichon Frise.

SWNS TV posted the video of Grewcock talking about Bramble on August 18 with the caption: "Dad-of-one Geoff Grewcock, 66, was gassed during a raid on his van and used the compensation to set up a wildlife sanctuary at his bungalow in 2001. But one resident, 10-year-old stag Bramble, has made himself more at home than others - regularly sneaking into Geoff's house to nap in his bed. Fellow lodger Leo, a 20-year-old blooming macaw parrot, has got so fed up with the four foot troublemaker's antics he often tells Bramble to "f**k off."

Geoff Grewcock and his daughter, Emma, run the animal sanctuary in Nuneaton, Coventry. "Most of the other animals are alright with him, but Leo the parrot doesn't like him causing trouble in his shed," Grewcock stated about Bramble. "He lives at the other end of the garden, but if Bramble goes in and tries to steal his food we can hear him from the house shouting "F**k off, Bramble."

Grewcock stated about the remarkable stag, "He's got so much character, he's one of the family now." Bramble was adopted into the family after the park officials said he would not survive as well in a deer park.


If you could, would you want to have a deer as a pet?

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