The Simple Solution to Your Overeating Problem

Are you eating a full plate of food but still feel like you could go for another round? It's time [...]

Are you eating a full plate of food but still feel like you could go for another round? It's time to talk about overeating.

Don't worry, we all suffer from it! The key to beating overeating is paying attention to your body's signals. You might not feel full after you eat a full plate of food, but that doesn't mean you need to eat another plate! You know you ate enough to give your body the nutrients it needs, so put down your fork and sit back. It takes a little bit for your body to recognize that it's at full capacity.

Here are some super easy tips and tricks to incorporate into your daily life if you want to cut back on overeating!

1. Eat and then walk away.

Eat your snack and then do a chore. Chances are when you come back to the kitchen you won't be as hungry anymore!

woman making healthy yogurt and fruit snack

2. Drink water. Lots of it.

Drinking water is a powerful tool to keep in the back of your mind! If you're hungry, take a big swig of H2O. We promise it'll temporarily keep your cravings at bay and keep you from snacking on unhealthy treats.

3. Watch your portion sizes.

Over 96 percent of American restaurants exceed portion sizes in their meals. Keep this in mind as you eat out! Want to know what the proper portion sizes are for different types of foods? Click here!

4. Eat on a smaller plate.

Grab a salad plate instead of a dinner plate at your next meal. You'll be able to fit less food onto it, for starters. Dedicate yourself to only eating the food that fits there, and you'll definitely end up eating less!

empty plate spaghetti

5. Share a meal.

If you're eating out, try sharing a meal with your family or friends. Sharing a plate with someone else will keep you aware of how much you're eating, effectively cutting down on how much you consume.

6. Don't skip meals.

Skipping meals is rarely a good idea. Why? Because the next time you eat you'll eat way too much!

Cut the cravings by incorporating plenty of protein and fiber into your meals. The more of these nutrients you get daily, the less likely you are to snack between meals.

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