YouTube 'Star' Gets Car Smashed While Doing Photoshoot In New York Street

The YouTube "star" Coby Persin recently had his windshield smashed by acting like, well, a YouTube star.

Wanting to capture the glamorous life you can achieve by making YouTube videos, Persin pulled his car over in the middle of traffic, put his hazards on, and he and his friends all began documenting the event for social media. It's obvious that every single other car nearby hated him for doing this, honking to their heart's content. When one New Yorker realized that honks weren't enough, he took matters into his own hands to smash Persin's windshield with a bat.

Resorting to violence is never the answer, but it appears that if you gain fame and fortune through social media platforms, you might develop a disconnect between the world you create and the world you actually live in. The way Persin and his whole crew stand there stunned that anyone would ever do such a thing to his car only enforces the point that he was pretty oblivious to how his actions could affect those around him.

Persin recently took to Facebook to offer a $1,000 reward for any information that could lead to the arrest of the hero--er, the vandal.


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