Men Reveal What Makes a Woman Good in Bed

As a woman, sometimes it can feel like sex is a bit of a mystery. Do guys like it when you [...]

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As a woman, sometimes it can feel like sex is a bit of a mystery. Do guys like it when you initiate foreplay? Are you better off acting submissive or assertive? What exactly do they want when things start to heat up?

Well, according to most sources, that answer depends a lot on who your male partner is. Every man has his own personal preferences on what he likes or dislikes in a female sexual partner. It's all about learning how to please your man while also pleasing yourself.

Check out these ten statements from real men on Reddit discussing their real opinions on having sex with women. Although you'll see some common themes, like preferences for confident and curious women, a couple of the comments might surprise you.

1. "[Asking what makes a woman good in bed] is kinda like asking "what makes a good teacher?" Think of the teachers you had in your life, think of the good ones… Now what made them good? It can be hard to put your finger on.

With that being said I say a girl willing to try new things is very helpful. Sexual texts and flirting is a major turn on for me as well. Also, a woman who's comfortable in her own skin and is a major turn on."

- Reddit User CrusherNev

2. "As a guy, I don't receive a lot of compliments. I really appreciate then when I get them. It's just not something I'm used to. When my wife tells me I look hot, or my arms look good after a workout out, or whatever, it really gets me going. The fact that she noticed without me fishing for one. That she really is into me is a total turn on."

- Reddit User Whose Account Has Been Deleted

3. "For me, the main thing is showing me her motivation. I want to know that she is there because she wants to be - she wants me and she's enjoying herself."

- Reddit User azureknightmare

4. "Enthusiasm, light hearted-attitude (sex is supposed to be fun, not srs business), open-minded. Even just one of those qualities practically guarantees I'll have a great time."

- Reddit User Slimy_Revenant

5. "If they're curious, they're engaged in the moment. If they're moaning and gasping, they're engaged in the moment. If they're biting me, pretty much anywhere is acceptable, they're engaged. If they're limp and snoring, well, you know. :( The experience really is all about attitude. Being 'good' in bed is really just you paying attention to your partner and communicating, your needs and theirs."

- Reddit User LollyLovely

6. "For me, it's all about openness. Open to explore, confident enough to share what she wants to explore, and flexible (not in the physical manner, though that doesn't hurt) but able to be a little dominant, or submissive depending on the mood. "

- Reddit User Dontblaymme74

7. "A woman who knows what she wants and how to get it is my preference in a partner. Even if she's not physically ideal, if she's confident in herself and can communicate what she needs from me (or just straight up takes it), she's good in bed."

- Reddit User mediaG33K

8. "Technique and a willingness to experiment. The hottest sex you will ever have is with someone you've been with enough that you've learned each other's bodies and preferences."

- Reddit User oldforger

9. "Like pizza even bad sex is still pretty good. But yeah, probably less than half are 'good.'

So what makes it good? Being obviously into it, knowing what they want and how to get there, a feeling of adventure and exploration, or being incredibly gorgeous. Any one of those things can rock your world but the more attributes the better. You'll notice it mostly isn't about the girl's skills. It's more about her intensity and ability to communicate her desire. And her hotness."

- Reddit User ice-e-u

10. "Genuine interest in pleasing AND being pleased. Willingness to learn AND teach. If you think your boo is doing something wrong, don't let him figure it out. Tell him what's up."

- Reddit User cocomontey