M&M Creates New Cheesy Flavor Candies

Over the years, M&M candies have changed from the standard chocolate or peanut candies to having a wide variety of candy flavors. Some of the new fillings have become a new standard, such as peanut butter or pretzel, but the company still puts out new flavors with each new season. Their latest flavor, however, is a little cheesy.

With Christmas just ending and the prospects of the New Year just around the corner, you probably aren't thinking ahead to Valentine's Day just yet. Well, don't worry, M&Ms is thinking about it for you. The company has recently released a limited Valentine Day M&M, sold exclusively at Walmart. The candies are pink, cream, and white colored and taste like white cheesecake.

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Instead of having the traditional chocolate filling, the new candies will have a white center that will taste like everyone's favorite non-traditional cake. While, yes, cheesecake doesn't actually taste like cheese, it's still not a flavor one might think of when it comes to delicious candies. Like many of the strange flavors before it, this one will probably either be really tasty, or really strange.

Of course, M&M's aren't the only treats out there that are experimenting with new flavors on a regular basis. Hersheys Kisses also come out with new flavors with each new holiday. What was one simply a choice between milk chocolate kisses or white and milk chocolate hugs has not turned into a smorgasbord of flavors and fillings, including dark chocolate, mint, caramel, cherry, and pumpkin spice.

Oreo cookies have also recently been testing the waters with strange cookie flavors. One of their most recent, and strangest, flavors was Swedish Fish flavor. The chocolate cookies sandwiched a red cream center that, supposedly, tasted like the gummy candies.

What do you think of these strange candy concoctions?


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