Ladies And Gentlemen, The World’s Best Freestyle Rapper, Blind Fury, Crushes These Songs

Warning: this video contains explicit language.Watch out Drake and Eminem! A freestyle rapper [...]

Warning: this video contains explicit language.

Watch out Drake and Eminem! A freestyle rapper named Blind Fury has gone viral and this dude spits straight fire. A video posted on Facebook by Liz A'Beth Patterson shows Fury rapping for almost 8 continuous minutes, and his flow is insanely impressive.

The video was posted on WorldStar Hip-Hop this past weekend, and the clip has been blowing up the Internet ever since.

While Blind Fury is now becoming a viral sensation once again, he has actually been in the game for quite some time now. Many of the commenters on WorldStar remembered Fury from his days on BET.

Blind Fury rose to stardom back in 2003 after making an appearance on MTV's live Rocafella MC Battle as well as his stint on Freestyle Friday as the Champ on B.E.T's 106&Park.

According to MTV Artists Beta, Blind Fury's real name is Stephen Norris. "was born October 10, 1984, in Camden South Carolina."

The site also states: "Stephen was born October 10, 1984, in Camden South Carolina. He was born with several birth defects, and his future seemed to be uncertain. Stephen was born with a Spine defect called Spina-Bifida, he was not only born blind, but born without the eyeball or the optic nerve, therefore there would be no chance of a transplant.

Not only has Blind Fury received praise from fans, but also he has been shown love by a slew of other rappers including: Killer Mike, T.I., KaySlay, Tech N9ne, D.J. Premiere, Ghostface, Diddy, Bun B, ludacris, Jadakiss, Fatman Scoop, Slim Thugg, Styles P, Gregg Street, Big Gipp, Jim Jones, and many more.

Follow Blind Fury on Twitter here.

Check out the clip of Blind Fury's latest freestyle here.

Is Blind Fury the best freestyle rapper you have ever seen?

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