Ivanka Trump's Stalker Arrested One Block Away From Trump Tower

Ivanka Trump’s long-time stalker decided to pay her a visit last month. Luckily for her, the [...]

Ivanka Trump's long-time stalker decided to pay her a visit last month. Luckily for her, the Secret Service had her covered.

Jason Massler, 34, pleaded guilty and was jailed for aggravated harassment back in 2012. He was obsessed with Trump and dreamed of one day marrying her. So, to help win her heart, Massler would send Trump emails, tweets, and online videos. However, everything he sent was creepy and unwanted, especially the message where he threatened to commit suicide in her jewelry store.

After he was arrested in 2012, he spent six months in prison. When he was released he was given five years of probation and was forced to obtain psychiatric treatment and medication. Massler is considered schizophrenic and had been staying in a mental facility until last month.

ivanka trump
(Photo: Facebook / Ivanka Trump)

When the secret service found out that Massler had left his mental health facility, they were able to track him down to New York City. Turns out he had rented a room at a hotel one block from Trump Tower, where Ivanka lives with her husband and kids.

Massler was detained by the Secret Service and is not at Bellevue Hospital.

This isn't the first time since his initial arrest that Massler has tried to contact Trump and her family. Shortly after his first arrest, he tried to contact Ivanka. Then, again, in 2014 Massler tried to contact Jared Kushner, Trump's Husband.

Now that Trump is protected by the Secret Service, perhaps Massler will realize that it's completely futile to try to contact her.

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