Icing Melt off a Doughnut Is Oddly Satisfying

If you've ever wanted to melt something just for the sake of seeing what it does, then pyromaniacs rejoice, Let's Melt This has got you covered. Their latest melt? How about a delicious doughnut?

There is something quite satisfying with watching the icing slowly melt off a doughnut. The colorful sprinkles start to disappear, leaving only specks of their former self on the actual cake part of the breakfast treat. The white icing on the first doughnut slowly turns clear, or falls away in large chunks.

Of course, what would a melting donut video be without a gooey-chocolate option? This one takes no time at all for the chocolatey goodness to just melt right off the doughnut. There isn't even time for the sprinkles to melt all the way before they are pulled down.


Pretty much this video will either increase your doughnut craving, or make you never want to eat one again.