Friday Night Lights' Aimee Teegarden Throws Back Tea And Talks Notorious

Aimee Teegarden, of Friday Night Lights, recently spoke about her new show, Notorious while sipping tea in a garden with Hallmark. Her new drama series will be coming to ABC in place of Scandal this fall. Teegarden plays an attorney who is working with a TV producer to change the media and the judicial system.

"My character is on the law side," Teegarden said during an interview with Hallmark. "The show overall is about how we live in a world where the justice system doesn't always yield a just result. Our show explores how the media can influence for good or bad in high profile cases."

This show is set to peel back the curtain between media and law to give viewers a peek at what happens behind the scenes. Of course, it's sure to be full of surprises, drama, and suspense.

Teegarden took her research for this role very seriously, to the point where she actually worked as a paralegal. She shadowed creator Mark Geragos at his law firm, meeting with potential clients and working on actual cases for a full two weeks. She, of course, signed a NDA, so she couldn't give much in terms of details, but she got firsthand experience in the cut-throat world of being a lawyer.

Of course, Teegarden hasn't just been working behind a lawyer desk, whether a real or fictional one, she also recently had a reunion with many of her Friday Night Lights cast members. The group recently competed in the Chicago Spartan Race, which is a race between 8 to 10 miles with 24 different obstacles. She also did plenty of research for that as well, working with a Spartan Race trainer.


See how Teegarden's research pays off on the series premiere of Notorious on ABC tonight at 9 pm EST.

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