Fast Food Under 500: Arby's

We all know that fast food restaurants rarely cook up perfectly healthy meals; however, you can make smarter choices. We encourage you to be familiar with the nutrition information from your favorite restaurants, because looks can be deceiving.

fast food near a computer at work

For example, the "Market Fresh" sandwiches from Arby's pack way more calories than more traditional menu options. A Roast Turkey Ranch & Bacon is a whopping 800 calories, while a Beef 'n Cheddar sandwich is almost half that calorie count. So, let's look at what a full meal from Arby's for under 500 calories looks like, so that you don't get fooled again!

Jr. Roast Beef Sandwich: Classic Arby's taste for only 210 calories! Not a fan of beef? The Jr. Ham and Cheese is also only 210 calories. (via Arby's)

arbys jr roast beef sandwich
(Photo Credit: Arby's)

Potato Cakes: Two potato cakes pack 230 calories, the most of any item in the entire meal, but they just look too tasty to pass up! (via Arby's)

(Photo: arbys potato cakes
Photo Credit: Arby's)

Apple Slices: Many fast food restaurants now offer apple slices, so order them whenever you can! This crunchy and fresh side only adds 35 calories to your meal. (via Arby's)

(Photo: arbys apple slices
Photo Credit: Arby's)

Brewed Iced Tea: Prepare to sip and be happy! Order a brewed iced tea for only 5 calories. That makes this tea guilt-free AND refreshing! (via Arby's)

(Photo: arbys brewed iced tea
Photo Credit: Arby's)

Total Calories: 480

The most important part about eating at a fast food restaurant is to be aware of what you're buying! For a full nutritional menu from Arby's, click here.