Chris Pratt's Son Thinks His Dad's Job Is Stupid

Chris Pratt and his Wife Anna Faris might love the acting life, but it looks like their son [...]

Chris Pratt and his Wife Anna Faris might love the acting life, but it looks like their son isn't going to go into the family business. During a Reddit AMA, the Passengers actor admitted that his 4-year-old son doesn't like acting, or at least he doesn't like actors.

"He knows I'm an actor," Pratt said. "But he thinks it's kind of stupid. Haha! I supposed he's right!!!"

According to Pratt, his son at first thought that Pratt was a firefighter, not an actor, though the jury is still out on whether or not his son thought a gig as a firefighter was cool. If Pratt's long list of roles is any indication, it's probably safe to say that he is a fan of acting – even if his kid thinks it's stupid.

chris pratt and son
(Photo: Facebook / Chris Pratt Fan Club)

During the AMA, Pratt was also asked about his memorable character from Parks and Recreation, Andy Dwyer. Turns out, Pratt and Dwyer have a lot in common. They are both funny, like to make people laugh, and a bit of a clown. Of course, he also used his weight as a bit of a comedic accessory.

"Andy Dwyer is the personification of my comedic schtick," he said. "I have been making people laugh with that clown for years and years. Way before I ever did Parks and Rec. he is not all of me. But I AM all of him if that makes any sense."

With the release of Passengers, Pratt couldn't help but share a story about working with his latest co-star Jennifer Lawrence. As it turns out, she was able to convince the entire crew that Pratt screams like a girl. Apparently, at one point a set bulb blew up, and Lawrence let out a loud high pitched scream.

"Then she immediately looked over at me and said, 'Jesus Chris! You scream like a woman! Did everyone just hear Chris?' and for the rest of the shoot I couldn't convince anyone it wasn't me," he said. "I just had to own it."

Looks like Pratt wasn't the only one on set with a sense of humor. Maybe if Pratt's son doesn't want to be an actor, he could become a comic. Comic probably aren't stupid.

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