Carrie Fisher Feels 'Really Bad' About Revealing Harrison Ford Affair

Carrie Fisher's new memoir shocked fans with the revelation that she and co-star Harrison Ford had had a three month affair while on location filming Star Wars. The actress, however, admits she had second thoughts about publishing those details because she felt bad about spilling Ford's secret.

"He's incredibly private," she explained during a Today show interview. "I feel really bad doing that to him."

She contacted Ford before releasing the book to give him a heads up that the information would be included in the text.

In the interview she revealed that her "forgotten" diaries on which the book is based revealed that it was more than a mere affair. When asked if she had loved Ford at the time, the actress who had played Princess Leia admitted she had.

"Well, I was 19," she shared. "So, yeah. I was not sort of a cavalier-type person."

Fisher also opened up about her feelings of relief when the affair ended. At the time, Ford was married and had two children with wife Mary Marquardt.

"I wasn't raised that way," Fisher said. "But when you're on location, this is something I discovered, everything is permitted. I didn't know that. I haven't been on location since."


This story first appeared at Womanista.