25 Sensational Breakfasts Under 300 Calories

A morning meal filled with protein, fiber and nutrients is essential to maintaining the healthiest [...]

A morning meal filled with protein, fiber and nutrients is essential to maintaining the healthiest version of yourself, but it never hurts to eat a tasty breakfast in the process. These 25 eye openers are the best of both worlds: healthy and delicious, and they're all under 300 calories!

1. Skinny Chicken and Vegetable Frittata: This dish boasts five veggies plus lean protein from the chicken and egg for a tasty, balanced meal. Each generous serving is only 181 calories! Check it out here.

skinny chicken vegetable frittata

2. Breakfast Stuffed Peppers: Prepare these bad boys the night before to make breakfast both easy and delicious! These stuffed peppers are jam-packed with nutrients that will keep you healthy and also keep you full! Check out the recipe here.

Breakfast Stuffed Peppers

3. Quinoa Banana Pancakes: This morning meal is sure to make everyone in your family smile. Three pancakes are only 220 calories and they're filled with healthy quinoa! Get the ingredients list here!

quinoa banana pancakes

4. Pumpkin French Toast Sticks: We know it's hard to believe, but one serving of this yummy breakfast classic is only 230 calories! Check out the recipe here.

pumpkin french toast sticks

5. Chocolate Banana Protein Smoothie: Don't let the words "chocolate shake" freak you out. This breakfast has the dessert taste you love and packs protein to help you stay strong and full all day. See it here!

chocolate banana protein smoothie

6. Skinny Greek Omelet: If you need a morning jolt of spice, try customizing this healthy omelet with your favorite fillings! Our recipe yields only 204 calories per serving! See it here.

Greek Omelet

7. Freezer-Friendly Breakfast Burrito: If typical mornings are chaotic in your house, freeze these delicious breakfast burritos ahead of time and make feeding the family simple. Plus, each serving only sets you back 178 calories. Check it out here!

Freezer-Friendly Breakfast Burritos

8. Berry Smoothie Bowl With Toasted Coconut: Bored of the same old recipes and bowls of cereal? Try this Berry Smoothie Bowl instead. It includes toasted coconut and valuable nutrients only found in red fruits like berries. Check it out here!

Berry Smoothie Bowl

9. Skinny Banana French Toast Bake: Ah! We love when healthy eating can still be delicious. That's definitely true in this case. This French Toast Bake will trick your kids into thinking they're eating something sweet and sugary, while you know they're getting the nutrients they need. Boom. Check it out here!

skinny banana french toast bake

10. Pumpkin Pie Overnight Oats: For a less stressful morning, you've got to try overnight oats. They're the perfect morning food that requires no effort the day of! Watch the video below and check out our recipe; you could customize your own, too!

11. Peanut Butter Banana Oatmeal Bars: No time to eat your morning oatmeal? Whip up these bars and take your favorite breakfast with you. Each bar is only 183 calories, so get baking with this recipe!

peanut butter banana oatmeal bars

12. Skinny Cream Cheese Glazed Pumpkin Donuts: We could rave about these donuts all day. After all, how often do we eat a donut that's only 222 calories? Check out the sweet recipe here!

SM cream cheese glazed pumpkin donuts

13. Skinny Cinnamon Toast Pancakes: The only thing better than the cereal version of cinnamon toast is this recipe. Your kids will think the same, we're honest! Bye-bye over-processed cereals that turn kids into gremlins by noon! You've gotta check out the recipe.

Cinnamon Toast Pancakes

14. Skinny Crustless Quiche: For all those crustless sandwich fans, this is the perfect breakfast! It also makes a great breakfast-for-dinner recipe your family will love. At 111 calories per slice, you won't mind serving breakfast multiple times a day! Get started here.

skinny crustless quiche

15. Skinny Cherry Pie Smoothie: Satisfy your sweet tooth with this 232 calories cherry smoothie! It packs 23 grams of protein, so there's no reason to feel guilty over sipping it to start your day. See the full nutrition here.


16. Autumn Apple Oat Bars: These bars can easily fool your kids into thinking they're eating apple pie for breakfast! You'll know, however, how much fiber they're really getting. Try out this scrumptious recipe here!

Autumn Apple Oat Bars

17. Skinny Mini Banana Bread Muffins: Customize these mini bites of heaven with your favorite toppings. Four plain mini-muffins are only 137 calories, so you've got some room to play with – chocolate chips, anyone? Try it by clicking here!


18. Healthier Breakfast Nachos: Nachos... for breakfast? Say what? You heard us correctly! These breakfast nachos are fantastic, and stuffed with healthy protein, fats and carbs. Find the recipe here.

(Photo: Spinach For Breakfast)

19. Protein-Packed Huevos Rancheros: Start your day with a filling, spicy Mexican dish that can be served any time of day. The flavors in this breakfast are intense, but you're only eating 216 per serving! Get the recipe here.

Huevos Rancheros

20. Make-Ahead Instant Oatmeal Jars: This one falls way under the 300-calorie mark, plus it's high in fiber and tastes delicious! Find the recipe here!

(Photo: My Fitness Pal / Demi Tsasis)

21. Protein Packed Fruity Breakfast Quinoa: This high protein, high fiber breakfast dish is sure to fill you up. Read more about the nutrition facts here!

Protein Packed Fruity Breakfast Quinoa finshed close up

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22. Baked Red Velvet Donuts: One of these donuts is only 121 calories, which is pretty low compared to most! Enjoy these with a cup of coffee in the morning, and share them with your kids. Check out the quick and easy recipe here.

Red Velvet Donuts

23. Apple Walnut Baked Oatmeal: Indulge in fall's apple flavors without the hassle.If your mouth isn't watering yet, it certainly will be once you smell the warm, comforting aroma drifting from your oven! Get the recipe here.

Kath Eats Real Food Apple Walnut Baked Oatmeal recipe

24. Good Morning Sunshine Smoothie: Even if you are the anti-morning person, this smoothie is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. It's customizable to your fruit preference, so you can make it quite a few different ways. Match the flavor to the season, your fridge findings or your mood and get ready to face the day. See the recipe here!

good morning sunshine smoothie

25. Low-Carb Breakfast Sushi Rolls: These delicious (and totally fish-less) breakfast sushi rolls are super low-carb and high protein. You'll want to print a copy of this recipe for your friends! Click here.

Skinny Mom Low Carb Breakfast Sushi Rolls

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