11 DIY Energy Drinks

When you need a mid-day jolt or morning pick-me-up and java is not your jive, you may find [...]

When you need a mid-day jolt or morning pick-me-up and java is not your jive, you may find yourself looking to grab one of the many energy drinks lining store shelves and gas station coolers. They all boast instant energy, and let's face it, with mom's busy life and the constant tug in a million directions, an instant zap of energy is a welcomed idea.

The flip side of these pre-made energy drinks is that they can be loaded with excess sugar, artificial sweetener, and ingredients that may make give you a short-term sense of supermom energy that makes you feel like you can leap tall buildings with a toddler in tow, but leave you feeling a sudden crash that makes you want to curl in the fetal position using your cape as a blankie. These alternative energy drinks offer more nutritious solutions to boosting that pep in your step, without a load of artificial ingredients or the threat of a nap crash during mid-day mayhem. Even better, you can keep these ingredients on hand to get that instant energy fix anytime.

green monster smoothie

1. Green Monster Smoothie: The green smoothie craze is evident, and the reason why is because it's a perfect way to whip up some motivation in a blender. Our recipe packs in nutrients and protein, perfect to start your day or boost your energy level in a slump.

mango smoothies with mango on the side

2. Mango Bubble Energy Drink: This drink reminds me of childhood trips to Orange Julius…but way healthier. A great excuse for a smoothie or shake sweetened with mango and loaded with antioxidants. (via Mind Body Green)


3. Chia Seed Fresca: You may get funny looks if you walk around with this drink in a clear bottle, but the loaded Chia seeds also contain fiber, protein, calcium, magnesium, copper, iron, and zinc among many other nutrients that chia seeds offer is worth the stares when you may be in need of a nutrient pick-me-up. (via Oh She Glows)

fresh lemon and lime juice

4. Electrolyte Energy Drink: After a rigorous workout or heavy activity in the warm weather, electrolyte replacement can be a necessary thing. Before reaching for those colorful sports drinks, mix together these few ingredients for a natural electrolyte refuel. (via Beach Ready Now)

good morning sunshine

5. Good Morning Sunshine Smoothie: The name speaks for itself. Give up grouchy mama and let the sunshine in with this smoothie that offers antioxidants and nutrients sure to turn your frown upside down and get you ready to face the day energized.


6. Skinny Apple Pie Protein Shake: Energy slumps can often bring cravings to spike our blood sugar. Before reaching for a sugary snack, whip up this dessert inspired smoothie to cure that craving and fill your tank energy-wise with protein and natural sweeteners that won't result in a flat line energy crash.

22699-kombucha17. Chia Seed and Kombucha Energy Drink: You have likely seen a version of this in health food stores with a hefty price tag. The is loaded with energy-boosting ingredients, but making it yourself can offer you a less expensive alternative with the option to make enough to last for days! (via Health Essentialists)

fresh coconut water

8. Coconut Juice Energy Drink: Simple to prepare - just include your favorite juice for an easy way to stay hydrated and energized using the natural benefits of coconut water. This is an especially great energy drink during long endurance based workouts or simply to reboot. (via Loving the Bike)


9. My Favorite Energy Drink: Nest of Posies offers a simple concoction of easily found ingredients, including green tea, to mix together for a 'get back up on your feet' feeling without much hassle. (via Nest of Posies)

homemade lemonade with mint10. Eating Well Energy Drink:

A coffee alternative perfect for warm days, this lemonade inspired beverage still offers a boost when caffeine is a must through the Yerba mate, yet it is refreshing and light in flavor. (via Eating Well)

homemade orange juice

11. Bright 'n' Early Electrolyte Drink: Containing lemon, orange, and a little natural sweetener to taste, this is a great refreshing energy drink to start your day with and make in batches to have for a quick and rejuvenating grab-and-go energy drink. (via Everyday Roots)

Now that you've got your energy drink recipes in store, hop on over to our favorite nutrient-packed smoothies and good-for-you weight loss drinks!