10 Foods to Take Into the Bedroom

Sex is a healthy part of a relationship. It forms an intimate bond between you and your partner [...]

Sex is a healthy part of a relationship. It forms an intimate bond between you and your partner and builds trust, honesty and respect for one another. Are you trying to spice up your sex life? Bringing food into the bedroom can be a fun treat for both you and your partner to kick up the sizzle level! Check out ten foods to incorporate into your baby-makin' sessions.

1. Sugar:

Not only is sugar the sweetest item on our list of foods to take into the bedroom, but a light lick of his skin will be the perfect adhesive for this abrasive little treat. Be careful where you're putting that sugar, though! Getting it too close to your lady bits could mess up the pH balance and cause a yeast infection or irritation. You'll also want to make sure you're using as little as possible so as to avoid sugary/sandy sheets.

2. Honey:

Honey is another perfect food to lick off your partner. Sweet and sticky, it requires quite a bit of work to lick off completely, so use in moderation! If you're worried about ruining the sheets, try using honey in a steamy shower instead.

3. Strawberries:

You've got a couple options with strawberries. As with any fruit, you could have your partner run the strawberry across your skin, retracing the juice left behind with his tongue. You could also feed each other strawberries or even pass the strawberry to your partner while kissing him.

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4. Chocolate:

This one almost goes without saying, because chocolate is the queen of aphrodisiacs! Drizzle melted chocolate over your lover's skin — or have him drizzle it on your skin — and lick it off. If you don't feel like dealing with that mess of melted chocolate, try biting into chocolate truffles and using the melty chocolate center.

5. Whipped cream:

It might be an obvious choice, but there's a reason for that. Light, delicious and fun, whipped cream can spark up anyone's sex life. Dab some on your body, blindfold your partner and have him search for it!

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6. Ice cube:

Have your partner hold an ice cube in his mouth while he performs oral sex on you. The coldness of his mouth contrasted with your warm skin will really heat things up!

7. Champagne:

Not only is champagne perfect for special occasions, but the cold bubbly concoction can feel amazing on your warm skin. Share champagne during open-mouthed kisses for an even bubblier sensation.

8. Candy:

Lick the backs of candy buttons and stick them to your skin where you want your partner to pay special attention to. He'll have to eat them off your body before you can return the favor. Another option for candy in the bedroom is wearing a candy necklace as a garter and having your partner slowly eat it off you.

9. Ice cream:

Ice cream could get a little messy, but what's life without a little adventure? Ice cream and sex — two amazing phenomenons joined together to form one spectacular event. Use the aforementioned chocolate and whipped cream to incorporate mini ice cream sundaes into your sexy time.

10. Sushi:

If you're feeling really adventurous, you could pull a Samantha from "Sex and the City" and surprise your man with a totally new kind of sushi bar. But make sure you stick to the higher-end sushi; deep fried tempura isn't going to make things any sexier. We also recommend staying away from wasabi, for both of your sakes.

What are some of your favorite foods to bring into the bedroom? Share with us in the comments below!

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