The Ultimate Hospital Packing List for Moms

Those precious last few days before delivery should be filled with daydreaming about finally holding your little babe in your arms, not stressing about nursing bras and nipple creams. Therefore, cross one huge task off your list of worries by packing your hospital bag EARLY to ensure a less nerve-racking experience.

When it's "go time," you're going to feel a flood of emotions both exciting and terrifying. But you'll feel much more confident driving to the hospital knowing you've packed these 10 essential items to make your stay as comfortable and convenient as humanly possible.

1. Insurance Card & Identification

2. Pajamas

Loose fitting gowns, PJ's that button up the front for easy nursing access, robes for layering, etc.

3. Nursing bras/tanks

Try Target for cute, affordable nursing tanks options.

4. Disposable nursing pads

We like Lansinoh brand, available at Target.

5. Appropriate Footwear

Flip flops you can wear in the shower, cheap slippers you can toss afterwards and warm socks with grippers.

6. Technology

Extension cord, phone charger, camera and camera charger.

7. Pillows

Make sure to use a distinct, non-white pillowcase so you can differentiate yours from the hospital.

8. Toiletries

Shampoos, lotions, contact lens solution, brush, makeup, chap stick, etc. Buy the travel-sized versions of most if available to save space.

9. Bath towel

The hospital supplies very small, thin towels, so bring your own for a little dose of luxury.

10. Folder & Notepads

You'll want a place to keep all the important documents you receive in the hospital (i.e. birth certificate). The notepad is useful for jotting down notes from the doctors and nurses (because in all your excitement you're bound to forget a few important things, if not everything).

*Womanista Tip: Bring a small luggage rack from home to put your suitcase on so you don't have to be bending down to access your things while you're trying to recover. Plus, it keeps all your belongings off the hospital floor!

And don't forget Baby and Dad!



1. Multiple outfits and/or gowns and THE going home outfit
2. Swaddling blankets
3. Pacifiers
4. Burp cloths
5. Nursing pillow
6. Nail clippers or mittens. The hospital does not clip their nails and most come out with talons.
7. Baby shampoo/soap. You've done your research on all the best chemical free products on the market, you don't have to use the hospital norm. Give it to the nurse who will give your baby their first bath.


1. Pillow and blankets for naps on the couch
2. Sweatshirt/Fleece (your hormones will have you burning up while he's freezing)
3. Healthy snacks and extra cash/change for vending machines
4. Light reading/magazines for entertainment
5. iPod speaker or MP3 loaded with you and your partner's favorite tunes