Skin Brushing: The Detox You Aren’t Doing But Should

Considering the skin is the largest organ of our body, who wouldn’t want to learn more about a growing phenomenon that claims to detox skin, leave you feeling more energized, and reduce the appearance of cellulite?! Now that we have your attention, before you grab your hair brush and begin stroking away at your skin, there are a few things you should know about this skin treatment that now graces the options at spa menus across the globe.

skin brush

What is Skin Brushing? Skin brushing involves using a special brush to slough away dead skin and exfoliate in a manner that has been linked to reduce toxins, promote energy, and reduce cellulite. The trick is that it is done on dry skin, preferably on a daily basis before showering.

woman with pretty smooth legs

Does Skin Brushing Work? I know we had you at reducing cellulite, right? Well, this is one claim that isn’t completely scientifically founded but has been reported by a large number of loyal skin brushers and providers. A chance for a few less dimples peeking from outside our bikini bottoms? We’ll take it! The benefits of skin detoxifying through dry brushing are well established. Many devout skin brushers tout not only feeling refreshed, but invigorated and energized after a dry brushing session. Similar to a massage, when the dry skin is brushed it moves lymph fluid into the lymph nodes allowing waste to be eliminated.

woman skin brushing

How Do You Perform Skin Brushing On Yourself? You don’t have to splurge on a pricy spa visit to have a skin brushing treatment, but you do have to understand a few important at-home skin brushing rules. First, it’s all about the brush. Visit a health food store and look for a brush made of non-synthetic material. Vegetable bristles are the recommended skin brushing choice. Then, before you take a shower, on dry skin, hop in the shower ready to battle dead skin with your sword…I mean, brush, by your side.  Without turning the water on, you will begin to stroke stress and toxins away. Beginning at the bottom of your feet, stroke upward until you get to the torso and shoulder area where you will perform one-direction strokes towards the heart.


After you finish, your pores will be opened due to the exfoliation which allows for your skin products and treatments and moisturizers to more efficiently enter your skin. Shower as normal and aim to repeat the brushing process daily.

Are you an avid skin brush user? What kind of improvements have you seen with your skin? We'd love to hear about them in the comments below!