Lose Weight By Eating More Of This Every Morning

By now, you get it: Breakfast is crucial to losing weight and creating a healthy, balanced diet. But it isn’t just eating that makes you healthy — it’s eating the right stuff. And one trainer shares what eating more of this healthy compound each morning can do for your body and your weight loss efforts.


Nike Master Trainer and workout designer for the Nike Training Club app Marie Purvis told Popsugar that a key to kickstarting weight loss is to consume “thirty grams of protein within 30 minutes of waking up.” She says it will help you power through the day ahead and keep you lean and healthy.

But what does this mass amount of protein consumption really do to help you lose weight? Your muscles and tissues rely on protein for growth and strength. It also controls metabolism, regulating fat-burning and helping you build longer, leaner muscles. Your body can’t store protein so you must replenish it each day to keep these processes running smoothly. And most dietary protein is burned as calories, so eating a large amount of protein in your breakfast will help you burn more calories quickly. Protein also keeps you feeling full and satisfied longer, reducing your midday cravings for unhealthy snacks!

protein shake

Purvis also notes that sleep puts your body in a recovery mode that requires all of your energy. When you wake up, it’s important to nourish your body before it begins to store fat and burn muscle instead for energy. This slows your metabolism and hinders the calories you burn that are consumed throughout the day, ultimately making it harder to lose weight.

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While 30 grams of protein in a single meal may seem steep, research shows that a sedentary woman should consume between 46 to 75 grams per day and an active woman should look to eat 66 to 94 grams. Packing a majority of your intake in breakfast just kickstarts your fat-burners and allows you to have an energy-filled day.

If you aren’t sure how to get thirty grams of protein in without preparing a feast each morning, take note of some of our protein-packed recipes. If they are just shy of thirty grams, pair the recipe with an egg white for an added 3.6 grams or with a glass of milk which packs 8 grams of protein. (Make sure you choose your milk wisely for maximum health benefits!)


If you love a sweet, fluffy breakfast, whip up these Vanilla Cinnamon Protein Pancakes (pictured below) and get 28 grams of protein to fuel your day. For a hearty meal with savory flavor, try our Turkey Bacon, Egg White, Spinach Breakfast Sandwich (26 grams). And if you know you'll be running short on time in the morning, make this Skinny Crustless Chicken Quiche (29 grams) ahead of time and make nutrition one less worry in your morning chaos.

vanilla cinnamon protein pancakes

For an easy, on-the-go breakfast, try mixing up our Strawberry Pineapple Protein Smoothie, packed with 22 grams of protein. For more shakes and smoothies, check out these 14 delicious recipes!