Kelly Ripa's Trainer Anna Kaiser Shares Her 10-Minute Workout For Insanely Toned Arms

At 46 years old, Kelly Ripa has arguarbly the most insane body in Hollywood. While she follows a strict high-alkaline diet, it's a unique fitness regimen that's helped ABC's Live! With Kelly host maintain her slim, sculpted figure. For that, she credits trainer Anna Kaiser and her program, AKT.

Ripa told Well+Good that once she saw how effective Kaiser's workouts were, she was sold. "I broke up with all of my other mistresses, and that was it... She's really changed my body. She's made me aware that I had a core—I didn't know I had one."

The daytime talk show star certainly has a killer core, but it's the moves behind those chisled arms we need to try! Kaiser says the key to toning your muscles is through interval training and high-energy movements that double as cardio, like her video from Fitsugar above.

(Photo: Instagram / @kellyripa)

Ripa—a self-proclaimed cardio queen—admitted, "I like to focus on cardio so much… but what you don't realize is when you're using those large muscle groups and you're strengthening and toning, it is cardio."

Since many of us aren't beginning with a petite frame such as Ripa's, will Kaiser's routines help us acheive results? The trainer says she works with people of every shape and she always hopes to give clients "a proportionate body, one that is long and lean and doesn't have any one muscle that's stronger than another, so that your body is working together to support your spine," she told Flare. While she does customize plans to fit clients' shapes, this high-energy arm routine is the perfect starting place for anyone.


So let's get moving! Kaiser's rhythmic routine is non-stop so you can get a full arm workout in just 10 minutes! (No excuses!) Grab your dumbbells and crank up the music or follow along with the video cues above to get started.


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