Here's What Leslie Jones Cut out of Her Diet to Lose 20 Pounds Right off the Bat

It’s been a turbulent year for comedian Leslie Jones, but that didn’t stop her from bouncing [...]

(Photo: Getty / NBC)

It's been a turbulent year for comedian Leslie Jones, but that didn't stop her from bouncing back with a vengeance.

From hateful Twitter attacks to hacked accounts, this Saturday Night Live leading lady became a household name not only for her hilarious personality, but also for her self-confidence and ability to stand up under pressure. To top it off, she lost 40 pounds.

She met with Kelly Ripa on Live! With Kelly in July, when she said that her doctor warned her that if she didn't lose 40 pounds soon, there could be complications down the road. Jones credited Ghostbusters and SNL co-star Kate McKinnon for giving her the extra push she needed to stay active and lose the weight.

"Every time we went to dinner she would make me walk to dinner," the 49-year-old actress and comedian told Ripa. "Then we would walk after dinner. And then it just started becoming — I would work out, I would do yoga, I really tried to watch what I eat. It's not always easy because I do have a sweet tooth that's a killer. But I do the best that I can."

Cutting out soda and juice was the first step Jones took in order to shed the unwanted weight.

"I got rid of soda and juice, that was the first thing I did. That literally was 20 pounds right there," she said.

It didn't hurt that during the filming of Ghostbusters, Jones was running around set all day with a heavy backpack on her shoulders. Staying active at work supplemented her other weight loss efforts, like regular exercise at the gym and cutting unhealthy foods—especially sweets.

While 2016 was a bit rough-and-tumble, Jones didn't lose sight of herself… but she did lose a bit off her waistline!


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