Go-Go Gadget: Spiralizer

go-go gadget

Transform the way you and your family eat vegetables by using the spiralizer (also referred to as the zoodler). This unique kitchen tool is quick and easy to use, and can completely change the way your children think of vegetables.

We love spaghetti noodles! They’re fun to slurp up and enjoy, so why not do the same with some healthy veggies? All you have to do is peel or wash the vegetable of your choice, place it in the spiralizer, and manually twist the device so the vegetable comes out looking like a long spaghetti noodle. If this tool wasn’t great enough, you can purchase the spiralizer on Amazon for under $20 by clicking here! Not sure how to use a spiralizer? The video below can teach you!

Because there are multiple fun recipes and ideas to choose from when using this kitchen device, here are a few of our favorites!

1. Zoodle Pad Thai: Pad Thai is a delicious dish that you've probably only had when you're eating out. Not anymore! We have created a simple recipe that takes away the unneeded fat and carbs by using zoodles. Click here to check out our recipe! And if you love this idea, we've got more just like it!

Zoodle Pad Thai

2. Crunchy Zucchini Noodle Wrap with Feta and Avocado: If you're nervous to try out the wonderful spiralizer, try out this beginner’s recipe that looks and tastes delicious. (via Inspiralized)

zoodle wrap
(Photo: Inspiralized)

3. Rainbow Pasta: This pasta dish actually contains traditional pasta, but it's also got spiralized butternut squash! You can easily prep this salad with any veggies you have who's shelf life is about to end, so get creative and get spiraling. (via Kale Me Maybe)


rainbow pasta
(Photo: Kale Me Maybe)

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