Go-Go Gadget: Oil Mister

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It's Sunday morning and you wake up in the mood to cook some eggs for the family. Of course one of the first steps in cooking eggs is greasing the pan so they don't stick, so you head on to the cabinet for the non-stick oil spray. Although this oil spray contains zero calories, it might contain harmful carcinogens. What if there were a healthier way of using cooking oil that not only contained zero chemicals, but also minimized oil usage and was better for the environment?

Photo Credit: Amazon
(Photo: Amazon)

Check out the oil mister! It's an air-powered kitchen tool that sprays oil onto a pan or dish at a reduced amount compared to other cooking sprays or oils. Many cooking oil sprays contain chemicals, such as propellant, to help release the product. Even though propellant is FDA-approved and considered generally safe, you still might try to steer clear of  putting chemicals into your food. Regardless, the oil mister is an easy-to-use, convenient tool! Check out this oil sprayer on amazon for $10.

Photo Credit: Misto
(Photo: Misto)

The process of an oil mister, such as the popular brand Misto, only takes three easy steps. The key is that the oil mister uses a smaller amount of oil, but still gives enough for you to notice a difference in your cooking. Not to mention that the aluminum can is reusable, so it's great for the environment! Use it with cooking oil, vinegars, lemons and much more for salads, bread or cooking in general.


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