Back To School: Healthy After School Snacks

You work so hard fueling your kids up in the mornings with a nutritious breakfast, and then keeping them going strong with the healthy lunch you pack. Why let it all come unraveled when the 3pm snack attack hits?

When they burst through the door and make a beeline for the Oreos, intercept your little hungry heathen and make snack time something that you both can feel good about.

We’ve rounded up some of the most nutritious, kid-friendly and fun after school snacks that’ll eliminate the dreaded sugar crash and keep your little ones on track all the way until dinner.

PB&J Energy Bites

Channel the classic PB&J combo in this healthier version of the childhood staple using only FIVE ingredients.

Bell Peppers and Peanut Butter

Have a picky eater? You might have to get creative like this bell pepper and peanut butter "ants on a log" experiment (but hey, whatever it takes).

Crispy Apple-wiches

Kids can get bored with sandwiches, so make this fruity, protein-packed “sandwich” to mix things up a bit.

(Photo: Redbook)

Pizza Crackers

What kid doesn’t want pizza 24/7? Give them this lightened- up version to quell their cravings. Get creative with it and sneak in lots of veggie toppings.

(Photo: Martha Stewart)

Whole Wheat Sandwich Kabobs

Putting anything on a stick makes it instantly more interesting—pile on as many healthy ingredients as you can think of!

Granola, Yogurt & Berry Parfait

Besides looking pretty, this snack will help curb a sweet tooth without all the sugar, while the protein from the yogurt will hold them over until dinner.

(Photo: Family Circle)

Banana Berry Smoothie


Snacking doesn’t get any easier than this—freeze the fruit in the mornings and by the time the kids are home from school everything will be ready to toss in the blender.

(Photo: cookinglight)

Homemade Applesauce

Never give them store-bought applesauce again with this natural, wholesome recipe for this ole standby snack.