What New Moms Really Need

The first few weeks after you've had a baby, you're in a foggy haze of sheer happiness, utter exhaustion and insufferable pain… all at the same time.

You've got a vagina screaming in agony and a newborn screaming at times, too. You've got milk leaking down your torso and soaking through your bras. You're staring at your baby in the flesh, so you have hard proof that she's not still in your stomach, yet you're still stuck with a "bowl full of jelly" belly that you feel will never go back to normal.

The nice thing is, you've probably got an army of friends and family lined up and ready to help. While a huge plate of peanut butter brownies from Aunt Rhonda might do the trick at first, new moms will quickly realize they need more than that…lots more.

If there's a brand new mama in your life and you're dying to lend a helping hand, read our list below to find out what she REALLY wants.

1. Babysit

Offer to watch the baby so she can (finally) shower.

2. Coffee Date

Meet her (and the baby) for a coffee date so she can get out of the house and socialize a little (she'll be going stir crazy).

3. Go for a Walk

Go on a walk with her and Baby so she can get some physical activity (and start combating that pesky "bowl full of jelly" belly).

4. Cook a Healthy Dinner

Bring a lighter, healthy dinner over. She's probably had her fill of heavy casseroles and pastas, which seem to be the go-to post-partum dinner deliveries.

5. Give a Gift Card

Give her a restaurant gift card to go out to eat once the friends-and-family meal train comes to a halt and they are finally on their own again.

6. Run Errands for Her

Run an errand for her—pick up her prescription, drop off her dry cleaning, buy some toilet paper from Walgreens if she's running low. There is no errand too small for exhausted new mommies!

7. Give Her a Ride


Offer to drive her somewhere. If she's on heavy pain meds at first, she's not allowed to drive, so being her personal chauffeur for an afternoon could be a godsend.

8. Spend Quality Time Together

Just spend some quality time with her. Chances are the days will start running together when she's home alone with Baby all day, so she will appreciate you just sitting and visiting with her and breaking up the day.