10 Ways To Salvage a Bad Day

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Sometimes we wake up and already feel a bad day coming on. It seems doomed from the get-go. Perhaps our circadian rhythms, or our regular sleep patterns, have been disrupted and therefore result in a lack of energy, increased frustration, a lack of interest and lack of appetite. Or perhaps we are working ourselves to the bone, and can't seem to find time to relax with hobbies we love most. Or perhaps we just feel lonely.

Take a deep breath, because this is all normal. Stress seems to cloud our minds at the most inopportune times, and can really have a negative impact on our mental functions. But there are ways to salvage a bad day. You've probably heard all the advice, but it doesn't hurt to be reminded that having a bad day is ok. And oftentimes it is a simple fix!

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Step outside. Easy. Remove yourself from the situation that is causing you anxiety. Absorb some vitamin D, feel a cool breeze and remind yourself that all things pass. Maybe take a walk around the neighborhood or sit on a bench outside the office. The sun can be your best friend.

Take a hot bath. Give yourself some mama me time. Give the hot water a drop of lavender oil and let your tense muscles relax. This is also a good way to steer clear of technology and truly clear your mind.


Exercise. Get moving to manage your stress. Any physical activity will increase your brain's production of endorphins, the feel-good neurotransmitters that give you a post-workout high. This meditation in motion will help you sleep better, which will lead to increased energy and concentration.

Write. Get out of your head and materialize some of those bad thoughts. The act of writing our thoughts down can help pinpoint the root of the negative energy we feel. Once the negative thoughts are out, it's much easier to move forward into a happier state of mind.

Call a friend. Talk to someone who understands you. Say, "I need to talk simply because you get me." Hearing the voice of someone who cares can do wonders for your mood.

ColorIt's not only for the little ones! Mentally check out and let your creative juices flow, because coloring is a form of active meditation that focuses your attention on a simple task. It will help block negative thoughts that might intrude during concentrative meditation, says Psychologies.

Laugh. Go full-on crazy lady and laugh your heart out. Researchers have found that laughter is similar to exercise in that it increases blood flow, stretches muscles and makes you breathe in more oxygen. So watch a show that makes you laugh, such as "Whose Line Is It Anyway?", or listen to a podcast from your favorite comedian.

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Listen to music. Most of us have felt the healing power of music. Whether we listen to a good song after a bad breakup or put on tunes in the background while we fiddle around the house, the rhythmic sounds help silence the chatter in our heads. Researchers have also linked upbeat music to heart health because it helps dilate the blood vessel's inner lining. Dancing is also highly encouraged.



Be silly. Do some very silly things, such as talking in a foreign accent, practicing your signature for when you become famous, or watching cat videos on the Internet. Sometimes going back to our inner child makes us appreciate the little things in life. So sit next to a fountain and blow some bubbles.

Change your perspective. Negative energy often materializes because we place a lot of different things as "of high importance" in our lives. Anger and frustration can be combatted when we remind ourselves of the truly important things to us: family, friends, pets, the sunshine, wine perhaps. Your frustrations won't seem as important anymore. Always remember that tomorrow is a new day.