10 Healthy Tricks Every Mom Should Teach Her Kids

Teaching your kids healthy habits is easier said than done! And for that reason, Mom Junction published a list of 10 healthy habits to teach your children — just to remind you of the little things you may have forgotten.

kid oranges

Don't skip breakfast. Getting your kid into a regular routine of breakfast-lunch-dinner will help him avoid unnecessary snacking right from the very beginning. This is probably the most crucial and important stages when it comes to helping your kid adopt healthy eating habits. A nutritious breakfast complete with all food groups will help your kid stay energetic and active throughout the day.

Wash up! Hand washing undoubtedly tops the list when it comes to getting your kid into healthy habit — explain the importance of washing hands to your little kid, and also focus on the correct techniques; 20 seconds is a must for children.

Toss that tissue. With the winter winds blowing in, seasonal cough and cold are bound to step in, and if your little kid has mastered the art of using a tissue, make sure you also get him/her into the habit of disposing the tissues right away. Keep a trash can in your kid's room.

Flush flush! Your kid is well past his toilet training sessions. Good! Now make sure you educate him on the importance of flushing his efforts down. This will make him aware of how to use a toilet even if you are not around.


Get out. It's the age of iPads and X-Boxes, and often, you may find your kid stuck to the television set or his brand new tablet. If that's the case, encourage your kid to find happiness in outdoor activities. Get him a pet dog and ask him to take him for a walk, or do some hula hoop swirls out in the garden with your little naughty kid.

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