Westworld: Photo Confirms At Least Two Timelines

WARNING: Spoilers Ahead For Westworld season one!

Every fan of Westworld was taken for a ride this week, as the penultimate episode of the show's first season continued to twist everyone's minds. It was confirmed that Bernard was a copy of Arnold, and that the Man In Black is a board member for Delos.

The one other piece of the puzzle that was seemingly solved, is the apparent confirmation of multiple timelines.

The timeline theory has been speculated about since the second episode of the series, and Dolores' tale in episode nine almost confirmed it. As she walked through the church, and discovered Arnold, it was clear that she was existing in multiple times.

However, this didn't confirm the timeline theory. The photo of William's fiance did that all on its own.

If you remember back to the first episode, Dolores' father, Peter Abernathy, found a picture of a modern woman buried in the dirt. This caused him to spin out of control, but Dolores didn't seem phased by it.

Fast-forward to the latest episode, and Logan shows the same photo to William. To try and bring his brother-in-law back down to reality, Logan pulls a new picture of his sister out of his vest pocket. The two photos are identical, and it's clear that William recognizes the woman as his fiance.

(Photo: HBO)

For Peter to find that photo buried in the dirt, it had to have been from long ago. At least, long enough that it stayed in the ground for a while. This photo may not reveal who the Man in Black is, but it definitely confirms the existence of multiple timelines.

Don't worry, there's only six more days until Westworld answers all of your questions -- and probably creates some new ones.

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Source: EW