Watching This Hot Wheels Car With A Go Pro Is A Trip Down Memory Lane, And Some

Consider your childhood dreams fulfilled! If you ever wondered as a little kid what it would feel like to drive a Hot Wheels car, thanks to the YouTube users at 5MadMovieMakers, now you can finally find out.

The filmmakers attached a GoPro Hero4 Session to the top of one of the toy cars that puts you right in the driver's seat of a Hot Wheels car as it races down an expertly crafted track.

"Each section worked on its own from tunnel to tunnel," the filmmakers explain in the video's description. "The cart is powered entirely by gravity at all times."

In total, the Hot Wheels car travels across 200 feet of track, with nearly all of the it being present in the 4th section. Also, the part of the video where the car drives's real. "The cart worked reasonably well underwater and only fell off the pool track a few times," the description states. "The main problem with the pool track was keeping the track connected and in place." In order to keep the track in place, the filmmakers attached a rock to the end to weigh it down.

The video description also states that there are "11 cuts in the video, 7 between locations and 4 for slow motion footage." The video was filmed in California and Colorado.


Check out this 2-minute video above to be instantly transported back to a time in that glorious time in your childhood when you had enough time to play with your Hot Wheels!

[H/T Petapixel]